The skin is the body's largest organ. An average adult is covered by 16 000 cm 2 of skin. It is crucial for life, serving to protect us against the environment and to regulate water exchange.

Everyone desires healthy skin. The practice of maintaining healthy skin is dynamic as the care and preservation of the skin is a lifetime process that differs among individuals and over time. Despite this complex situation, there are some common practices throughout the world that serve to treat/maintain skin health. These include cleansing, moisturising, and protection against solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation.



Skincare must be individualised. Your age, level of sun damage and underlying medical conditions influence how your skin should be managed.


Cosmeceuticals are skin care products that offer cosmetic and therapeutic effects for the skin. Though applied topically in the form of creams or lotions, cosmeceuticals contain active ingredients that affect skin cell function.

Ideally, skincare products should be clinically tested to ensure they have a proven benefit and can substantiate their claims; however, the cosmeceutical industry is largely unregulated. To the consumers navigating your way through what is cosmetic marketing company hype and what is effective when it comes to skincare can be a minefield. When choosing products for your skin, the concentration of the active ingredient, pH and the type of cream play an important role in the effectiveness of that ingredient.


It's important to understand that a visit to Dr Tarryn Jacobs office is not just for troublesome skin conditions. Dermatologists not only diagnose and treat skin diseases but can also advise you personally on all your skincare and cosmetic concerns. She's passionate about making expert skincare advice more accessible and providing individualised skincare strategies to her patients.

Dr Jacobs has a wealth of knowledge on cosmeceuticals and is a Key Opinion Leader for the national branches of leading international skincare companies. If your skin is appearing lacklustre or if you would like to slow the signs of ageing, a dermatologist is the best expert to advise you on the best treatment plans to attain skin health. Dr Jacobs approach uses evidence-based prescriptions if needed and she is able to expertly curate a selection of skincare products that are individually suitable for you, your skin concerns and your budget.

We also have a broad range of medical-grade skincare for purchase.